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  • Our name says it all:

    Ready - Our snacks are always ready to enjoy, easily stored in a diaper bag for parents and kids on-the-go.

    Roo - A joey and its mother kanga'roo' are bonded for life. Our food is stored and eaten out of convenient pouches, just like kangaroos.

    Organics - We only use whole ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners.

  • Our products encourage new eaters to try savory flavors that expand their palettes. We don't use apples, which are usually the first ingredients in other baby products

    Freeze drying preserves nutrients and enhances flavors so your children can taste every fruit and vegetable we use. This makes our light, airy snacks appealing to all ages and helps your little one take the perfect-sized bite.

  • We care most about empowering parents to make healthy choices that support their children in every stage of their development. Because we believe that health is holistic, we are committed to doing all we can to give children access to the healthy foods they need to become bright, confident human beings.